Cancellation and Refund Policy

There will be a minimum charge of $82.64 or more for cancelling a scheduled grooming appointment if we are not notified of the cancellation, by phone, 24 hours before the appointment.

We encourage customers to engage while the groomer is present to make changes without delay or charge, (unless changing services) to ensure satisfaction.  Otherwise, if the customer is not satisfied with their groom and have notified us by phone within 3 days of completion, we will return to correct any discrepancies at no cost.   After 3 days, and within 7 days, we will return to correct any discrepancies at our minimum charge plus the cost of any changes or additions of any products or services.  If we return after 7 days, all services will be considered new and will be a full-charge appointment.

We do not discount or give refunds for incomplete or inferior grooming due to the actions or conditions of the customer or pets.

By signing the grooming receipt, the customer is agreeing to the pricing and services as provided.