Low Stress for You And Your Pet

Less stress for you, less stress for your pet!  We'll come to you with our "Full Salon on Wheels" so you don't have to chase down your pet to get them in the car and then waste your time driving just to get them to a noisy shop where other nervous dogs and cats are waiting to be groomed.   Our customers love the convenience of not having to drop off or pick up their pet, and what's even better, you don't even have to be there at all!  Come home to a Fritzy Fresh pet everyday!
We'll come to your door at your home or office and a caring, professional Fritzy's groomer will pamper your pet with one-on-one attention from start to finish.  After an consultation with you, we begin by taking your pet out to our specialized grooming van where we'll do an assessment of your pets condition and then begin their one-on-one pampering session by gently cleaning their ears and eyes, trimming their nails and then giving them a warm hydrobath using only natural shampoos.
Does you pet  need just a trim, or is a full cut in order?  We'll take care of it along with any other additional services your pet may require such as dematting, or maybe you'd like us to apply a flea control treatment for you, or brush your pets teeth to keep them clean and their breath fresh!  You'll find all we have to offer under the 'Services' tab on our home page.
We NEVER cage your pet!  You can trust that we'll handle your pet with care.