Fritzy Foot Pad Treatment

Pamper your Pet's Paws with our Fritzy Foot Pad Treatment


Paws can really take a beating. We forget that they spend most of their time on soft surfaces like grass and carpet. So what happens when we take them for a walk on concrete sidewalks, hiking over rocky paths, or when their paw pads are exposed to chemicals from our floors, carpets, lawns and gardens? Their poor soft pads become raw or dry and cracked.
Or maybe, it’s just age. As pet’s age, their bodies change. Some don’t shed the outer layers of pad skin, leading to buildup that is prone to be torn off. Others stop producing the oils that keep the pad skin lubricated and it becomes dry and cracks even without wear.
Fritzy Foot Pad Treatment to the rescue! After your pet has enjoyed the Fritzy Fresh Spa Treatment, having clean fresh pads, we will message a special balm into each pad to remoisturize and promote healing. Our pad treatment is non-toxic, has no fragrance and is made from natural ingredients. Add this treatment each time your pet is groomed to keep their paw pads at peak performance.
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