Anal Gland Expression

Careful, gentle relief for your dog

Our groomers are trained to carefully and gently express the anal glands when requested, to give relief to your dog. What are the anal sacs and glands? "The anal sacs are a part of the dog's skin. Sebaceous and sweat glands empty into each sac, secreting substances that play a role in both territory marking and social recognition. When a dog passes a stool, muscles around the anal sacs squeeze the sacs against the stool in the anal canal and empty a few drops of a liquid. If stools are soft, anal sacs may become impacted and their contents thick and pasty" (Fogle 59). Resource: Fogle, Bruce, Tracy Morgan, and Bruce Fogle. "The Skin and Coat." The New Encyclopedia of the Dog. 2nd ed. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 2000. 59. Print.