The Fritzy Fresh Spa Treatment

The Fritzy Fresh Spa Treatment includes cleaning your cat's eyes and ears, clipping their nails and brushing out their coat.
Give  your cat the ultimate in spa treatment. The Fritzy’s Pet Care Pros are gentle, yet thorough. We practice the lowest stress form of grooming for your cat and provide the most convenient service for you. In fact, the special techniques we’ve developed for cats are now being applied to dogs!
To start the Fritzy Fresh Spa Treatment we carefully clean your cat’s eyes and ears, clip their nails and brush out their coat. Then its time for the warm water hydrotub bath. Using all natural shampoos, we scrub and massage, ensuring that every part of your cat has two full minutes of gentle, deep, soapy saturation. The warm soothing rinse is repeated to make sure that the skin is soap free and ready to dry. At Fritzy’s, we hand dry every cat and NEVER use cages!  We start with a good towel dry and then finish with a deep reverse blower, getting the fir and skin completely dry and blowing out as much of the undercoat as possible. Now we’re ready for the finishing touches; a full brush out, some quick snips of the scissors to clean things up, a little bit of garnish and a host of special little things to bring out the smile in you and your cat.
But we’re not done yet. We document everything we’ve done or observed, giving you a complete understanding of your cat’s condition including any need for follow-up with a Vet. And finally, we leave you with updated information about your cat’s service, health and helpful ideas for you and your cat.